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Generator care

Always ckeck out your generator BEFORE you need it. You don't want to go on a wild parts chase when a storm is bearing down.
Change the oil in your generator after the first 10 hours, and every 25 hours after that.
When using your generator, always make sure it is well ventilated and never run it inside your house. The carbon monoxide is deadly. Keep the generator part dry. Turn the breaker off or unplug everything when starting or turning off generator. They don't like being turned on or off under a load. Don't overload the generator. If the engine sounds bogged down, you are overloaded.
When you're putting your gas generator away for the last time of the year, always treat the fuel with fuel stabilizer. Even if you run it out of fuel, some gas can accumulate in the bottom of the carburetor bowl and spoil. Gas will turn into a jelly/varnish-like substance that will destroy the carburetor.

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Oil changes
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Generator care


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