Land Pride SG2572

Land Pride SG2572 for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana

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Land Pride SG2572 for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana



Features Benefits
Skid steer mounting plate. Fits most/all skid steer front loader hitches.
40-95 hp requirements. Makes it compatible with many popular smaller sized skid steers and tractors in use today.
Dual adjustable height grader blades. Allows the grader to be adjusted to desired amount of cultivation, leveling, and grading action.
3-Position scarifier shanks. Allows shanks to be adjusted to two depths or above ground.
Ripping-Only Functionality Frame geometry gives the user the option to solely use straight shanks, reducing horsepower requirements whenthe surface requires multiple ripping passes.
Reversible heat treated high carbon steel grading blades. For excellent wear resistance and long service life.
Hardened straight shanks. Assures long service life.
Full length heavy duty skid shoes. Makes for easier operation and long unit life.
Replaceable and reversible skid shoes. Extends the life of the skid shoes.
Heavy duty frame construction. Assures long lasting reliability and performance.


Model Numbers AP-SG2572
Working width 72"
Overall width 81 1/4"
Number of straight shanks 6
Skid steer & tractor hp requirement 40-95 hp
Unit weight with shanks 886 lbs.
Overall length 52 1/2"
Overall height 22"
Side panel height with skid shoes 15 1/2"
Side panel length 50"
Side panel thickness 1/4" Thick with 2 3/4" formed edges.
Skid shoe construction 3/8" Thick with a formed bevel to prevent gouging.
Straight shank construction Heat-treated 3-position shank
Cutting edges Four 1/2" x 6" high-carbon, heat-treated blades that are reversible and replaceable
Cutting edge adjustment Variable vertical adjustment from level grade to 1 1/2" below grade.
Shank adjustments 2 1/2" and 3/4" below grade level; 3/4" above grade level
Hitch type Skid steer mounting plate