Land Pride GBE2596

Land Pride GBE2596 for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana

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Land Pride GBE2596 for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana



Features Benefits
Grade 50 high strength steel shell 3/16" (5 mm) thick Improved strength & wear versus mild steel
Five 1/2" x 5" (13 mm x 127 mm) bottom wear plates Extends bucket life
Reinforced bucket corners & side edges Adds strength & extends bucket life
Drilled cutting edge 5/8" x 6" (16 mm x 152 mm) Accepts optional bolt on cutting edge
Optional bolt on cutting edge 5/8" x 6" (16 mm x 152 mm) Reversible and replaceable; extends life of cutting edge
Upper torque tube/lower torque channel Prevents twisting
Three widths available Fits wide range of tractors: 90" (2.29 m), 96" 2.44 m), & 108" (2.74 m)
Struck capacity 1.0-1.2 Cu. Yd. (0.76m3-0.92m3) Allows high volume material handling
Universal Quick-Attach mount Allows grapple to be installed/removed quickly
Features Benefits
High strength cast grapple tines Stronger and better looking than welded tines
Tubular steel construction
    25 Series: 1/4" Wall Cross Tube
    30 Series: 3/8" Wall Cross Tube

Tubular steel resists twisting forces
Heaver tube wall will resist higher twisting forces when grabbing extra heavy loads
30 Series have heaver duty hitch lugs Allows the grapple to lift heaver loads.
Parking stands Allows grapple to be stored upright when not in use
Spill guard Helps contain loose material
Dual cylinders 3" @ 3500psi (7.6 cm @ 24132 kPa) Large cylinders handle high pressure & loads
Hose kit included Hoses provided to center tees or valve
Optional lock valve Prevents hydraulic bleed-off / improves cylinder control
Quick release grapple Four pin mount system
Large 84" (2.13 m) opening Handles large bales and high volumes of material
Greasable pivot points Extends grapple life


Model Number GBE2596
Hitch Style Euro hitch plate
Weight (Optional BOE and Valve included) 1648 lbs (748 kg)
Bucket Capacity (Struck) 1.07 cu yd (0.82 m3)
Overall Width 96" (2.44 m)
Grapple Opening (With BOE) 84" (2.13 m)
Number of Tines 4
Tine Construction Bolt-on ductile iron tine with reinforced gussets
Tine Thickness 3/4" (19 mm)
Hydraulic Cylinder Dual 3" x 14" x 1 1/2" rod
Maximum Pressure Rating 3500 psi (24132 kPa)