Yanmar Track Loaders & Excavators ViO25-6B

Yanmar Track Loaders & Excavators ViO25-6B for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana

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Yanmar Track Loaders & Excavators ViO25-6B for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana



Easy to access, easy to service
You won’t need any crazy acrobatics to service this mini excavator. The innovative design puts all the major service components within easy reach. From the engine, hydraulic system and critical grease points to the starter, alternator, and battery, it’s all right there. And when things are easy to work on, you’ll service your machine faster and more often, extending the life of your machine.

  1. Performance on demand
    With Tier 4 Final rated efficiency, 20.4-horsepower, auto deceleration and ECO mode, our legendary Yanmar diesel engines provide performance when you need it, and fuel savings when you don’t.

  2. True zero tail swing
    Work in the tightest spaces with the assurance of zero tail swing performance. Never does any part of the cab or canopy extend beyond the track width.

  3. SmartAssist technology
    Featuring advanced telematics, SmartAssist saves you time and money with real-time remote data analytics, geo-fencing, optimized preventive service scheduling and more.

  4. Standard Auto-Decel
    Not only will you save fuel, but you’ll reduce the noise of an idle machine running full throttle for no reason. Save money and your sanity.

  5. Quick change attachments
    Our patented hydraulic Quick Coupler system makes it easier and quicker than ever to swap buckets and other jobsite attachments.

  6. Convenient hydraulics
    Choose your action and the perfect flow with the PTO Selector Valve and standard proportional control. Select single or double action on the auxiliary circuit.


Model Tier 4 Final 3TNV80F-SXNBV
Rated Output 20.4 HP / 2,500 RPM
Type Water-cooled 4-cylinder diesel
Operating Weight  
Rubber Track (Canopy) 5,908 lbs
Steel Track (Canopy) 6,151 lbs
Rubber Track (Cabin) 6,140 lbs
Steel Track (Cabin) 6,383 lbs
Max Digging Force, Bucket / Arm 4,788 / 2,833 lbs.
Traveling Speed, High / Low 2.8 / 1.7 MPH
Swing Speed 10 RPM
Boom Swing Angle, (L / R) 46 / 74
Ground Contact Pressure (Rubber Track)  
Canopy 4.4 PSI
Cabin 4.5 PSI
Hydraulic System  
Pump Capacity Double variable displacement pump: 2*7.9 GPM
Gear Pump: 5.6 GPM
Main Relief Set Pressure 2,987 x 2, 2,631 x 1 PSI
Blade Dimensions  
Width 4'11"
Stroke, Raise / Lower from G.L. 1′ / 1′ 2″
Fuel Tank  
Capacity 8 Gals