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Yanmar Utility Vehicles & Excavators ViO25-6A

Yanmar Utility Vehicles & Excavators ViO25-6A for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana

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Yanmar Utility Vehicles & Excavators ViO25-6A for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana



Advanced Operation Control System
The new digital Smart Assist control system allows you to monitor up to three months of operational history.  Because this state-of-the-art system centralizes control of machine operation information and maintenance support information, it's never been easier to maintain a timely, efficient service process.

Quick Coupler System
The standard hydraulic Quick Coupler makes changing buckets fast and easy.  With the exception of fitting and removing the safety lock pin, the entire operation is performed electronically while you're seated in the comfort of the cab. Less hassle. Less downtime. More productivity.

Easier To Service Than Your Car
The innovative design puts virtually every major component - engine, hydraulic system, starter, generator, battery - right at your fingertips.  Because routine filter and grease fitting checks are easier and quicker, you can perform them more often, extending the life of and improving the durability of your machine.


Model ViO25-6A  
Type Canopy Cabin
Operating Weight  
Rubber track lbs (t)  5919 (2.68) 6217 (2.82)
Steel Track lbs (t) 6162 (2.79) 6461 (2.93)
Type Water-cooled 4-cycle diesel
Model Tier 4 Final 3TNV80F-SXNBV
Rated Output   HP (kW)/rpm 20.4 (15.2) / 2500
Max Digging Force, Bucket / Arm   lbs (kN) W/ QC -4079 (18.2)  w/o QC - 5203 (23.1)
Traveling Speed, High / Low  MPH (km / h) 2.8 (4.5)  / 1.7 (2.8)
Swing Speed   RPM 10
Boom Swing Angle, (L / R)    degrees 47°/74°
Ground Contact Pressure (Rubber Track)   PSI (kPa) 4.38 (30.2) 4.59 (31.7)
Hydraulic System  
Pump Capacity   GPM (L / min) 7.9 (30.0)x2 <Variable displacement pump>
5.6 (21.3)x1 ,  3.0 (11.3)x1 <Gear pump>
Main Relief Set Pressure  PSI (MPa) 2987 (20.6)x2, 2631 (18.1)x1
Blade Dimensions  
Width  ft-in (mm) 4'11" (1500)
Stroke, Raise / Lower from G.L  ft-in (mm) 1'2" (355)  / 1' 1" (340)
Fuel tank capacity    Gals (L) 8.1 (30.7