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Evergreen Tractor and Equipment is committed to exceptional service. That unflinching commitment began Back in 1982 when Evergreen Tractor & Equipment opened its doors.  With over 37 years of experience, it is our mission to provide the Northshore and surrounding locations with high quality equipment and even better support.  As a family-owned business, we treat our customers like family by going above and beyond to assist our customers every need. We value the long standing relationships we’ve built in south Louisiana  and continue to strive to be your dealer of choice. 

“It’s not complicated. Anyone can sell equipment. It takes integrity to deliver quality service that’s as strong as the brands we offer. We have the best employees that simply refuse to let our customers down.” Ben Vliet, Owner


  • Kubota Parts Comparison

    Kubota Filters vs. Aftermarket Filters Thick Shells ✔️ Difference in Pleating ✔️ Pressure Plate to Distribute Weight ✔️ More Stability ✔️ Quality Gasket ✔️ And it's only $2 more for the Kubota filter. Call or visit us today for more information. evergreentractor.com

  • Yanmar Excavators

    Yanmar excavators are some of the most popular excavators in the world, and you can purchase them at Evergreen Tractor. These excavators are equipped with 47.6-HP Diesel Engine Horsepower (ViO55-6A), a three hydraulic pump system, a hydraulic quick couplet, and steel protected cylinders. Visit evergreentractor.com or call 985-893-3720 for all your Yanmar parts, services and sales needs.

  • More Than Just Kubotas

    Did you know we service more than just Kubotas? We service a variety of makes and models! Call (985) 893-3720 or stop by today and we can help you!

  • The Kubota Sidekick

    Powerful for work and play. Ask about our special financing and stop by for a test drive today!

  • A Zero Turn for Everyone

    We'll walk you through which zero turn mower you need to get the job done.

  • Kubota Zero Turn Mower (400 Series)

    Get to know the features of some of our Kubota Zero Turn Mowers-- 400 series.

  • Talk Maintenance with Jerry

    Jerry goes over a few maintenance items that you want to be sure you check on your Kubota mower.

  • Tips for the Best Cut Quality -- Kubota Mowers

    Watch Trevor walk you through a few tips to help you get the best cut quality possible with your Kubota mower this season. www.evergreentractor.com

  • Stihl Battery-Powered Trimmer

    Austin goes over the uses of one of our favorite Stihl products: The Battery-Powered Trimmer. Click play for the full rundown! www.evergreentractor.com

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