Kubota Utility Vehicles

Kubota Utility Vehicles for Sale in Covington, LA

Mid-Size Kubota Utility Vehicle

Mid-Size Utility Vehicles

What sets mid-size Kubota utility vehicles apart from others is the ease of use and fewer controls. They’re structured with a smaller wheel base, which makes it easy to take sharp turns as well as navigate smaller areas. Plus, this type of tractor is great for jobs that don’t necessarily require a large tractor but you also don’t want to complete the work by hand. For instance, you can easily plow fields, maintain roads, or cultivate the field on your property with a new or used kubota utility vehicle. If you’re ready to explore some mid-size Kubota utility vehicles for sale, give us a call or come visit us at Evergreen Tractor in Covington! Our mid-size tractors are some of our most popular, and we have a team of Kubota experts on standby, ready to answer any questions you may have.

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Full-Size Utility Vehicle

Full-Size Utility Vehicles

Whether it’s too much land, too many horses, not enough time or all of the above, a full-size Kubota utility vehicle can save the day! It’s an ideal tractor when you need help with hauling, mowing, pulling, heavy lifting, plus more. Even better, they are engineered to handle rough terrain as well as produce impressive amounts of horsepower. It doesn’t make a difference if you’re a homeowner, business owner, or somewhere in between, a full-size Kubota utility vehicle will help keep your yard looking clean and fresh! And since we are a certified Kubota dealer, we also have Kubota utility vehicle parts along with a team of experienced technicians who service your Kubota with full confidence!

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Full-Size Diesel Utility Vehicle

Full-Size Diesel Utility Vehicles

Agriculture relies heavily on tractors. Plus, they are a crucial component of your daily life if you run a farm or own a lot of land. Therefore, it's crucial to understand the type of tractor that will be most beneficial to you. When deciding between buying a gas or diesel Kubota utility vehicle, the initial cost, cost and use of fuel, durability, longevity, power, and adaptability of the machine are all things that must be taken into consideration. However, in almost every instance, diesel tractors are the better option. First instance, diesel engines were specifically designed to last longer and produce more power than gas engines. And they also take less fuel to do more than gas tractors can! Don't accept less for your property; upgrade to Kubota right away! Visit our Covington location or browse our full-size diesel utility vehicles we provide online.

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Kubota Utility Vehicle FAQ

Do Kubota Tractors Hold Their Value?

Used Kubota tractors often offer the best value for your money because they hold their value well. However, the person you buy it from matters a lot when buying a used Kubota. Only a servicing dealer like Evergreen Tractor can provide all the guarantees regarding how well the tractor runs, assistance, and even cleanliness.

Is 2000 Hours a lot for a Kubota Tractor?

A Kubota tractor with proper maintenance should last for 4500 to 5500 gauged hours. Many tractor owners claim to only utilize their machines 100 to 200 hours per year, which translates to many years of use. You may surpass 10,000 hours if you have the time and expertise to properly maintain and care for a Kubota tractor.

Are Kubota Engines Good?

Excavators made by Kubota are typically rated between 0.8 and 8.2 tons, have outstanding engine performance, and are quite durable.

What Kind of Oil Goes In a Kubota?

15W-40, 10W-30, and SAE 30 engine oils are produced by Kubota. Hydraulic oil, gear oil, and other lubricants are also offered. Not just Kubota products, but all normally aspirated, turbocharged, and supercharged diesel engines are compatible with Kubota oils.

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