BCS Bed Shaper

BCS Bed Shaper for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana

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BCS Bed Shaper for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana



The Bed Shaper consists of two disc hillers, clamps, and a drag chain fastened to a 1-meter (39.37'') Straight Bar. The hillers can be adjusted to any position on the straight bar. When turned inward and set closer than 30'', the height of the bed can be increased to a maximum of about 6''. When re-positioned and turned outward, the discs can hill plants or form furrows for planting.

Unique to the design of the BCS Bed Shaper are heavy-duty clamps with serrated locking teeth that prevent the disc shanks from rotating, even under significant soil resistance.

Mounted to the tractor's PTO via the required Tool Carrier Kit, the carrier also provides the ability to accommodate a wide range of other implements ranging from a V-Cultivator to a Root Digger.

The Bed Shaper is compatible with models 732 and up. Minimum wheel size is 5'' x 10'' x 19''.

To avoid soil compaction within the bed from tire tracks, Wheel Extensions are available to position the wheels in the walkways between beds. The size of the extension depends on the desired width of the bed. For 30'' beds, 22'' Wheel Extensions (or a combination of 5.5'' and 16'' extensions) are necessary. Depending on soil conditions, additional weight may be needed for traction.


  • Bed Shaper Kit includes two disc hillers, clamps, chain, and 1-meter bar.
  • Disc hillers and 1-meter bar can be purchased separately.
  • Requires Tool Carrier Kit to mount to BCS tractor.
  • Drag chain is adjustable in width and secured via hook on each disc.
  • Raises soil up to 6'' tall.
  • Wheel Extensions recommended.


Required Accessories: 

Tool Carrier Kit

Wheel Weights / Wheel Weight Barbell Hangers.