Land Pride CP3048

Land Pride CP3048 for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana

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Land Pride CP3048 for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana



Features Benefits
Removable carbide picks Uses rocket fin technology that is built into the picks for longer life. Easy to replace.
Skid shoes adjust independently with hydraulic cylinders Allows the planer to follow curb and gutter as well as the contour of the road or street.
Tilt, depth, and sideshift adjust hydraulically All functions are integrated into the multi-function grips of the SSV/SVL.
Case drain Protects hydraulic motor and seals.


Model Number CP3048
Cutting Width         inches/cm 48/122
Cutting Depth         inches/cm 0 to 6/ 0 to 15
Number of Picks 90
Min. hydraulic flow    gpm/Lpm 30/114
Max. hydraulic flow   gpm/Lpm 42/159
Minimum pressure     psi/MPa 3500/24.1
Maximum pressure    psi/MPa 5000/34.4
Tilt capability            degrees 6
Sideshift travel        inches/cm 26/66
Wall clearance         inches/cm 4/10 
Planetary gearbox oil type EP90 or SAE75W90 Synthetic Gear lubricant
Planetary gearbox oil capacity Approximately 30 oz/1L
Approximate weight   lbs/kg 2504/1136