Land Pride BR460

Land Pride BR460 for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana

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Land Pride BR460 for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana



Features Benefits
Oil fired Oil fired units do not have a bladder of nitrogen that has to be re-filled.
No tie rods Tie rods can become loose and need tightening periodically.
Service interval = 1000 hrs. The Hydraulic Breaker is built tough to last a long time between service intervals
Higher impact rate, Up to 2600 bpm (bumps per minute) ) Able to complete the job faster than most machines.
All models operate quiet Each model has a lower operating noise level than the competitors.
Standard tools included: 1 moil point and 1 chisel point All hammers are shipped with two of the most heavily used tools to ensure the hammer is equipped to work.
BR510, BR560, & BR860 models have CBE (Constant blow energy) Constant energy throughout a given oil flow range means less drop off in effective energy with lower oil flow and pressures.
Models with CBE span a larger hydraulic range Fewer adjustments between power machines.


Model Number BR460
Frequency range2 bpm 1000-2000
Oil flow range gpm (Lpm) 7.9-16.6 (30-63)
Operating pressure psi (bar) 1740-2030 (120-140)
Pressure relief setting minimum3 psi (bar) 2460-2760 (170-190)
Pressure relief setting maximum psi (bar) 3190 (220)
Tool shank diameter in (mm) 1.97 (50)
Net weight4 lbs (kg) 350 (160)
Carrier weight5 ton (m ton) 2.2-4.4 (2.0-4.0)