Yanmar Track Loaders & Excavators V7

Yanmar Track Loaders & Excavators V7 for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana

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Yanmar Track Loaders & Excavators V7 for sale at Evergreen Tractor, Louisiana



  1. Everything you want from a compact wheel loader
    Easy to transport. Easy to use. Easy to maintain. The V7 gives you everything you’ve asked for. Packed with new features, the high-performing machine includes simple maintenance, powerful hydraulics, center oscillation, and P-Kinematics.

  2. Intuitive pilot controls
    Easy to learn and easy to master, the ergonomic joystick controls offer smooth precision with a feel natural for any operator.

  3. P-Kinematics for precise lifting
    Achieve precise parallel lifting with P-Kinematics. Keep the material in the bucket or on forks parallel to the ground for optimal movement in all conditions.

  4. Comfortable operator station
    Long work days are easier in the comfortable V7 cab. The enclosed configuration includes a high-backed seat that is heated and features ergonomic armrests and mechanical suspension. The configuration also includes a standard front sun blind that helps with glare and a radio with Bluetooth for entertainment.

  5. Peak maneuverability
    The V7 is easy to move around the jobsite or transport on a trailer thanks to its low operating weight, compact design and high travel speed.

  6. Performance to move more
    Make quick work of the biggest jobs with the four-cylinder 47.6-horsepower Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engine and a premium power-to-weight ratio.

  7. Convenient and accessible
    Excellent visibility from the cab promotes safety and productivity, and two steel framed doors in the enclosed option improve operator access, airflow and communication.


Model Yanmar 4TNV86CT
Output 47.6 HP / 2,400 rpm
Displacement 127.6 in³
Type Water-cooled 4-cylinder diesel
Standard Bucket Capacity 0.92 yd³
Operating Load 2,778 lbs
Lifting Capacity at Low End 7,981 lbs
Tipping Load - Straight 6,636 lbs
Tipping Load, Articulated 5,864 lbs
Breakout Force 9,217 lbs
Dumping Clearance 8'2″
Traveling Speed - Standard 12.4 mph
Traveling Speed - High 18.6 mph
Oscillation Angle ±10 deg
Turning Radius - Inside Tires 6'7"
Min. Ground Clearance 1'5″
Front Hyd. PTO 3,626 PSI
Front Hyd. PTO 16.6 GPM
Articulate Angle ±40 deg
Type Fully hydraulic proportional articulated steering
Type Hydrostatic
Type Automatic Drive
Type 365/70 R18 EM Powerload - Goodyear
Type Mechanically Actuated Disc Brake on Front Axle
Operating Weight  
Canopy 9,370 lbs
Cabin 9,370 lbs
Transport Dimensions  
L x W x H 16'9" x 5'10" x 8'2"