Importance of Fall & Winter Service for your Kubota Equipment

Posted by Evergreen Tractor on 25 September 2023

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Fall is upon us and now is great time to review the maintenance needs of all of the Kubota equipment. Preparing your machinery for weather transitions is extremely important to ensuring the longevity of your units. Just as the seasons change, so do the needs for your property, and the equipment you use to maintain it. How you prepare and use your machinery for weather transitions is extremely important to ensuring the longevity of your units. 

As an owner and operator of Kubota equipment, it falls upon you to be well-prepared for the evolving equipment needs as the seasons change throughout the year.

Maintenance for Kubota Tractors & Mowers in Fall & Winter

Regular Maintenance Checks

Regardless of the temperature, seasonal maintenance is essential, including the replacement of fluids and filters. Given the variations in climate, it's crucial to consult your owner's manual to determine the appropriate fluids for your specific model and local conditions. Particularly during the winter months, consistent inspections are even more critical. Dedicate a few extra minutes each day to perform daily cleaning and inspections. This practice is vital for identifying minor issues that could escalate if left unaddressed. Regularly examine fluid hoses for cracks, as the extreme cold can lead to cracking. Other areas requiring inspection include oil and grease lubrication, coolant levels, fuel levels, battery performance, and the condition of the undercarriage.

Maintain Cleanliness

Regularly clean the undercarriage to prevent excess grass and dirt buildup to maximize the performance of your implements and attachments.

Proper Storage

Storing the equipment inside a shed or building will alleviate the strain of fall and winter on the machinery. When starting it up, allow the machine to warm up properly, as performance is enhanced when the engine and machine have time to reach temperatures above 40 degrees. 

Assess Attachments

Making sure all your implements and attachments are in working order is important during the fall and winter seasons. As part of your maintenance regime, bring in your implements and attachments in with your units for service to make sure they are in top working order.

Local Kubota Service Specials - Fall (Oct 1st-Feb 28th)

As an Elite Service Certified Kubota dealer, Evergreen Tractor has the best service specials for your kubota tractors, RTVs, zero turn mowers, and more! Our Fall Kubota service specials include a FREE 32 point inspection and includes pickup & delivery.

Kubota Service includes:

  • Change Engine Oil & Filter
  • Change Air Filter
  • Change Fuel Filter
  • Check Clutch Adjustment
  • Check Belts & Hoses
  • Check Coolant & Transmission Fluid
  • Clean/Seal Battery Terminal
  • Clean Radiator Screen
  • Replace Blades (Mowers Only)
  • Lubricate Center & Lift Link
  • Level Mower Deck
  • Change Spark Plugs
  • Change Spark Plugs
  • Check Brakes & Brake Adjustment
  • Check Gearbox Oil
  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Check Wheel Bolt Torque
  • Grease Machine
  • Steam Clean Machine
  • Sharpen Cutter Blades

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