Kubota Compact Tractor

Posted by Evergreen Tractor on 14 June 2021

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Your Certified Kubota Dealer in Covington

Evergreen Tractor has served the Covington and Northshore area for nearly forty years, and one of our best-selling tractors in that time has been a part of the L Series, the Kubota L2501. We think it’s because of the Kubota name, which carries a reputation for hard-working, ergonomic tractors, and because the L2501 is the perfect blend of user-friendliness and pure strength. When you buy a new Kubota tractor, you know you’re buying a tractor that’ll help you achieve whatever goals you have for your land.

Whether you’re tilling your field or garden, mowing your lawn, tearing out trees, or even building out a path, a tractor in the Kubota L Series is a good fit for the job. The L2501 is a versatile tractor with plenty of attachments, so it powers through any job you can think to throw at it. With an ergonomic control layout, spacious operator platform, and suspension seat, you’ll be able to work on your new Kubota all day long.

Moving Earth in Mandeville? Get a Kubota Tractor from Evergreen!

Kubota builds their own backhoes and front-end loaders for their L Series tractors, meaning they’re specifically designed to maximize the performance of the L2501. In fact, Kubota builds every piece of their tractors themselves, so you can be sure of the quality. They don’t use off-the-shelf parts from a variety of manufacturers, but make sure the entire machine works together, for greater durability, strength, and safety in their tractors.

The Kubota BH77 and BH92 backhoes are easy to attach and remove without using tools, so you can start working quickly and easily. They’ve been designed to reach far and dig deep, and with smooth hydraulics, cushioning valves, and lots of operator room, you’ll find the available backhoes for your Kubota tractor easy to work with and control. This is also true for tractor grapple attachments made by other high quality brands such as Construction Attachments Inc.

For front-loading work, look no further than the Kubota LA525 and LA765. Both of these front-end loaders are specifically designed to work with Kubota compact tractors, complimenting and strengthening the Kubota’s already impressive strength, durability, and maneuverability. Like all of the Kubota tractor attachments, they’re easy to remove and re-install, meaning you’ll spend less time and energy messing with tools, and more doing the work.

Plant and Harvest your Garden with a Kubota Compact Tractor

Planting seed at the beginning of the season and harvesting your crop after it has grown are the two most important jobs in your garden, and they’re also two of the most grueling jobs of the season. Kubota has considered how hard you must work and built features into all of their tractors to keep you as comfortable and safe as possible. 

The Kubota L2501 features a contoured suspension seat to dampen the vibrations from the tractor as you farrow rows. The layout of the controls has been carefully considered for ergonomics, and the dash panel is full of large, easy-to-read gauges. 

The entire operator platform has been carefully designed with your safety and comfort in mind. On L2501 models with hydrostatic transmission (HST), the Kubota Treadle Pedal ensures against confusion as to which pedal you’re pushing, helping you complete jobs faster and safer. Every model features a foldable ROPS, letting you decide between maximum protection and convenience when driving your new Kubota lawn tractor. And of course, Kubotas come with the conveniences you’ve come to expect: cup holder, tool box, and a large capacity in the fuel tank.

Kubota Tractors for Sale in Covington

Kubota understands that every tractor owner has different needs for different jobs. That’s why they offer so many customization options for the L01 series, from the choices of transmission between traditional gear drive or hydrostatic transmission, two- or four-wheel drive, multiple types of tires, adjustable tire spacing, and more. No matter what job you need to do around your property, the Kubota L2501 is a great partner.

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