What Kind of Tractor Do I Need Around Hammond, LA?

Posted by Evergreen Tractor on 9 November 2022

Kubota Tractors

Did you know that Tangipahoa Parish as a whole is home to approximately 900 farms with an average size of 100 acres? And if you've ever visited Hammond, Louisiana, you know that the city is home to friendly folks as well as a stunning and relaxing environment. There is no need to continue looking if you need a tractor near Hammond, LA, or anywhere else for that matter!

At Evergreen Tractor, we want to help you keep your land in tip top shape. It’s important to note that the ideal tractor to meet your demands can be determined by taking into account a variety of aspects. Feel free to continue reading along to learn more!

If you have a small yard that requires minor work:

At Evergreen Tractor, we’re aware that maintaining a beautiful yard is important to our customers. A sub-compact tractor like the Kubota BX Series is great for gardening and moderate landscaping work if you reside on a property that is around 5 acres or less. 

Plus, it’s understandable why the BX series has ranked as the top-selling sub-compact tractor in the United States for more than ten years. For instance, it’s engineered to do an excellent mowing job, thanks to its highly maneuverable design that allows you easy access around flower beds, gates and other obstacles!

If you have moderate chores or around 10 acres:

A compact tractor can come to the rescue no matter the situation—too much land, too many horses, not enough time, or all of the above! When you need assistance with hauling, mowing, dragging, heavy lifting, and other tasks, this tractor is great. Even better, they are designed to deliver amazing amounts of horsepower while navigating difficult terrain.

It truly doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, homeowner, or somewhere in the middle, a compact tractor can give you the yard of your dreams! Be sure to explore our amazing inventory of compact tractors, which include the: B01 Series, LX Series, Standard L01 Series, Grand L60 Series, and L60LE Series!

If you have a lot of land to take care of:

If you have land that requires heavy-duty work, a utility tractor at Evergreen tractor is the right match for you! This type of tractor is able to handle larger acreages and even more difficult tasks than smaller tractors from the compact category thanks to their larger size, weight, and horsepower capacities. Plus, with more power, you can cut back on your time spent on yard work! You can look through our current selection on our website, which include mid-size, full-size, and full-size diesel utility vehicles!

Your Needs are Met at Evergreen Tractor

Whatever kind of work you’re needing to get done, Evergreen Tractor has you covered. We’re conveniently located near Hammond, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Madisonville areas! It doesn’t matter what type of tractor supply in Hammond you need, our experts are on standby ready to help you find it! 

You’re welcome to stop by our retail location, shop online, or give us a call. No matter what, we look forward to making you a part of our tractor family!