What size tractor is right for me in Southeast Louisiana?

Posted by Evergreen Tractor on 24 August 2023

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What size Kubota tractor is right for me?

At Evergreen tractor, we can help select the appropriate tractor size and kubota tractor package that is right for you. Selecting the right tractor size is crucial and is influenced by many factors such as budget, property dimensions, and intended tasks. Opting for an ill-fitted size can lead to undesirable costs. 

How big is your property and what is the topography?

Your property's size plays an important role in selecting the right size tractor. The size of your land depends on how large of a tractor you may need to efficiently perform the tasks at hand. The general guide is below 5 acres, 5 to 10 acres, up to 20 acres, 21-50 acres, 51-100, and 100+ acres. Another factor to consider is your type of land. In southeast Louisiana & Mississippi, we have many different types of land uses that can determine which size tractor is best for you. Do you have a lot of obstacles like lower trees, heavy brush, wet land, etc. These all play a part in what type of tractor you should choose.

What will I be doing with the tractor?

Matching the tractor's performance capabilities with your land maintenance tasks is essential. Striking the right balance is key - inadequate power undermines productivity, while excessive capacity leads to wasted resources. Larger properties generally demand more powerful tractors.

Load Weight Requirements

For heavy lifting, higher PTO horsepower is indispensable, making larger tractors a necessity. Conversely, lighter loads can be managed economically with smaller models.

Implements that fit your land needs

If attachments are part of your plan, compatibility is paramount. Some smaller tractors might not support certain attachments, potentially limiting their versatility. The larger the tractor, the larger surface area your implements can handle.

Create a Kubota tractor package to save money

Buying a tractor, implements, and a trailer can add up quick if you buy them all separately. Contact us today and work with one of our Elite certified reps to put together the perfect Kubota tractor package for you. What is the best part? You can finance the tractor, implements, and trailer all at the same time. View our Kubota tractor packages

Choose your Kubota Tractor size

Tractor sizes correspond with their engine horsepower, directly linked to their dimensions.

Sub-Compact Kubota Tractors:

    • Typically under 25 horsepower.
    • Suited for light agricultural tasks.
    • Cost-effective.
    • Excel in tight spaces.
    • Limited attachment compatibility.
    • View the Kubota BX Series

Kubota Compact Tractors:

Utility Tractors:

Agriculture Tractors:

    • Typically ranging from 128 to 200 horsepower.
    • Ideal for heavy-duty agriculture work
    • Support a diverse array of attachments.
    • 128-168 HP - Kubota M7 Series
    • 180-200 HP - Kubota M8 Series

Kubota Tractor Loader Backhoe:

Choosing the right tractor can seem like a daunting task, but our experts at Evergreen Tractor can help find you the right solution for your land and needs. Contact Us today or View our Inventory